Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cool Beans

I bet it seems weird that we have a picture of coffee on the blog.
Well, it all started on Monday morning.  
I woke up, dragged out of bed, and checked on the blog.
Becca put up a quote by Dean Koontz, one of our favorite authors.  
I thought that was cool.
On Wednesday, she used a quote by Stephen King.
Well, now she's just showing off!  
Of course I had to issue a challenge, being who I am.
Becca, being who she is, took it.
"If you can find a Bentley Little quote for Friday's post and make it a hat trick, I'll buy coffee".
Anyone who knows anything about us knows of our unwavering loyalty to Cool Beans
so of course this will be Cool Beans coffee.
Who the heck is going to find a quote for a blog called "Happy Hippie Heart" from Bentley Little.
Bentley Little of twisted freaky books like Dominion and The Vanishing.
Becca.  That's who.
So, I owe Becca coffee.  
The debt will be paid on Monday.
Everyone should bask  in the awesomeness of Becca.