Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jr. Parade

The Jr. Ski to Sea parade was yesterday and it was fantastic!  The kids were enthusiastic, looked great, and had a lot of fun!  Becca and Dave marched with Shannon, Sean was chosen to carry a banner, and Kevin and I sat with Kim and Sarah.  I was in charge of the camera which is always a scary thing! :)  

A local homeschooling group had an incredible bunch of people.  They were dressed from all different time periods and were carrying this sign., among others.  It was absolutely amazing!  Homeschooling doesn't just make history come alive though.  It makes kids come alive, it makes parents come alive, and it builds a love of learning that is awe inspiring.  This year, Becca chose to start home schooling Sarah.  I have watched this child grow more confident, happier, healthier, and realize that she is a smart young lady.  I have watched her and Kimberly bloom into young scientists, artists, and mathematicians.  I have watched them open their minds and learn to think for themselves.  The pride and love I feel overwhelms me.