Monday, October 18, 2010

Environmental Lessons

In science last week, my daughter and I  learned about Aquifers.  An aquifer is where groundwater collects in permeable rock and soil between two layers of impermeable rock.  Well water is filled from aquifers.  When the rock and soil around an aquifer is unpolluted, it's wonderful water for everyone.

When people pollute the ground around an aquifer, it's no more water for anyone.

This was after 15 minutes of the "pollution" being introduced into Kim's aquifer.  After 24 hours, everything was green.  It was a huge lesson in how something that everyone takes for granted, like groundwater, can be destroyed in such a small time frame.

 So, please don't dump your chemicals, your garbage, your dirty car oil, or anything else.  Take care of your waste responsibly.